CitiBike - "#BikeWithBenefits"

CitiBike is the one-night stand NYers don't have to worry about.




Coasters at bars have stopping power, prompting people to flip it over and see what the hell this is about. 

And if they ask the bartender about it, they get a nice 10% discount for the membership.

Right next to the condom dispenser...we'll install a sticker dispenser. Bikers can get a neon sticker to ride home safely in the dark.


TINDER. How could we not put this baby on Tinder?


Respond to angry NYC commuters complaining about the subway and/or traffic by suggesting a ride on CitiBike.


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Presenting: the Bikeasutra. Taking over the sites where millennials (secretly) get sex advice. For now Cosmo and Buzzfeed. Tomorrow: the world.