Millennials have all the information they need at their fingertips. Or so they think. But they're forgetting how cool it is to experience the world firsthand. Let’s show them that the MSI is the place where they can build on what they already know in a more tangible and compelling way. 

Print (Bus)

Rolling Print (Subway)

The 1st image tells a small part of the story. As the image scrolls up, we see the bigger picture.


OOH (Subway and Sidewalk)

HEADLINE: It takes the average person 5 minutes to walk the length of this rocket. It'll take you 14 years to walk to the moon. Know Further.

OOH (Train takeover)

Take over all the banner space inside the train.

HEADLINE: 4 people lived in a German U-Boat submarine room the size of this bus shelter. See the entire U-Boat Submarine under one roof at the MSI.

OOH/Augmented reality

Use the augmented reality app on the tablet to see the submarine fill the hall.

TWEETNADO (Experiential/PR)

When people tweet using #MSItweetnado, their message is automatically printed on a small strip of paper, a wind tunnel turns on and blows their tweet into a vortex with 100mph+ winds. The more tweets received, the faster the tweetnado.

The Hardest Quiz You Will Ever Take (Social)

10 Question FB Quiz challenge on the MSI. Plot twist? The more questions you answer incorrectly, the bigger the discount you get on an MSI ticket.

OOH (Bars!!)

Sponsor local bars' trivial nights. Reward the losing team with discounted MSI tickets.