At Leo Burnett, a beautiful, and powerful movement called No2Six6 was happening under the industry's best creative talent. It was inspiring to learn and grow passionate about changing the lack of diversity in advertising. Along with the creators, I got a chance to collaborate on a special project that wanted to create a 2-way dialogue.

We partnered with MAFA Chicago, a nonprofit that promotes diversity & inclusion in advertising.


We took over their social media channels with short clips we produced in-house with actors and improvisers from the Second City. I wrote the following clips to create buzz and mystery as to what the elephant in the room was.


As participants arrived to our big event, we asked them to choose a name tag that best represented how they labelled themselves. The labels included race, gender, sexual orientation...but also occupations, adjectives, and physical appearances. 


The discussion finally revealed what the elephant in the room was all about: DIVERSITY VS. MINORITY.

Advertising higher-ups talked about moving beyond the word diversity to zero in on the real problem... the lack of racial representation in the advertising industry. 

In order to create a no-bullshit, #realtalk discussion with the participants, we arranged the chairs in a circular pattern with everyone facing each other.


Participants received small gifts to remind themselves about the big and little things they can do in their everyday lives to address race better.