How could we get shoppers to think about milk differently?

We recognized emerging VSBLTY technology (an interactive cooler) as the perfect opportunity to tell a compelling, disruptive, visual story in-store.

To pique shoppers' interests, we developed a screensaver that advertised a mysterious, nutritious, super beverage.

After engaging with the screen, shoppers were prompted to open the cooler to find out what that beverage was: milk.

The screensaver played until the shopper came within three feet, which triggered the engagement screen with RTB information on milk.

Each square emphasized a different benefit. When users tapped on a square, they would be redirected to a different screen that gave them more information.

We provided sweet, and savory recipes that used protein-rich milk as an ingredient.

We then prompted shoppers to take a photo of the recipe so that they shop their list while in-store.

We had 996,843 retail impressions, 15,301 cooler engagements, and shoppers spent an average of 30+ seconds engaging with the coolers

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